$59 US
Adults 16 yrs and over
$45 US
Children 12 to 15 yrs
$19 US
Children 5 to 11 yrs
Children 4 and under

We Refund

We guarantee a full refund of your excursion deposit if your ship can not make it into the port of Cozumel

Excursion Highlights
  • Open Bar and 4 Course Meal Included! (National and international brands and dishes!)
  • Spectacular panoramic seaside palapa restaurant with Seaside Swimming pool.
  • Guaranteed Reserved Beach Lounge Chairs and Shade.
  • Delicious Three Course Lunch.
  • Beach Club Access between 9am & 5pm (Sunset Passes are available for later arriving ships, please contact us for details)
  • One Swim Up Pool Bar, One Beach Bar.
  • Massage, Snorkeling Trips, Parasailing and more available to add on to your special day. See Below for additional info and Pricing.
  • Wi Fi available on the property.
Please Note
  • We only accept 100 beach guests daily so be sure to book early while spaces allow.

  • Open 9am -5pm Monday – Saturday – Closed Sundays.

  • SUNSET PASSES available for passengers whose cruise ships arrive after 12noon ( at no additional cost)

  • Please bring beach towels from your cruise ship.